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Basic House Keeping SMD delivers high standard of cleanliness & hygiene by following a very systematic approach to house keeping by accurate assessment and planning we remove wastage and sub –optimal usage of manpower. We keep ourselves abreast with all technological advancement in the field of housekeeping, hence assuring our clients of the best possible solutions.

Scope of work

Daily cleaning schedule

Hard Floors ( Granite, Marble etc.)

  • Cleaning of hard floors with soft padded dust controlled mops.
  • Cleaning of heard floors before office hours with wet mops and mild detergents.
  • Disinfecting of hard floors before office hours.

Vertical Area / Walls

  • Painted walls- Dusting with feather duster or soft cloth.
  • Ceramic tiles – cleaning with mild detergent solution. Special attention is paid to cleaning of grouting areas of tiles.
  • Dusting of cleaning of skirting.
  • Cleaning and dusting of partitions.
  • Dusting of glasses and doors.
  • Dusting of all office furniture.
  • Spot removing from table tops/laminated partitions.
  • Cleaning of waste paper baskets.
  • Sisinfecting of telephone.
  • Dusting of PCs, Fax machines and photocopiers.
  • Cleaning of glass panes from inside.
  • Dusting and cleaning of all doormats.


  • Scrubbing of WCs with toilet Bowl cleaners.
  • Disinfecting of washrooms.
  • Wet mopping of floors and tiled wall.
  • Scrub cleaning of wash basins.
  • Replenishing of toiletries.
  • Dusting of hand dryers.


Spring cleaning will be undertaken once a week which will include the following :-

  • Machine scrubbing / Shampoo / Waxing of Floor.
  • Cleaning of window glasses from outside.
  • Cleaning of electrical fixtures.
  • Cleaning of exhaust fans, louvers and grills.
  • Cleaning of painted surface with soap solution.
  • Polishing of brass and chrome fixtures.
  • Scrubbing of glazed tiles in panfry and toilets.
  • Suction cleaning of corners, ledges etc.
  • High dusting ( above eye level ).
  • Vacuum cleaning of upholstered chairs.


We provide technicians for plumbing, electrical repairs, carpentry, masonry & painting etc.,on call as well as permanent basis.


We provide well trained and courteous valet parking staff including drivers with good physical bearing and uniform.



We provide a range of temporary and permanent manpower solution to our clients across various sectors / industrial verticals. Thus, we empower our esteemed clients with the necessary flexibility through co-employment ( temping & pay rolling ). And permanent staffing. We via an interconnected network of highly motivated staff are able to deliver the best solutions in the manpower sector. We take full responsibility for compliance, administration and HR activities related to all employees on our assignment.


We help clients manage thair short-term and long-term need by establishing a co employment relationship. This is achieved through two processes-Temping and pay-rolling. Through temping we identify and recruit manpower based on our clients requirements and pay rolling we take the pre –identified candidates of the client on to our rolls. Some of the profiles that can be provided by us include : Receptionist, Secretary, HR/Finance/Accounts/ Logistics/Sales Executives etc.


Through this vertical we cater to the blue collar segment of the workforce, like operators, loaders, packers, and various trade required in the manufacturing units, across the country.

We shortlist candidates on our clients requirement through every structured induction program. The skill sets and technical know-how possessed by these candidates is then mapped with the clients requirement to provide the most optimal solution. We manage the HR, administrative, payroll activities in adherence with the minimum wages acts and all applicable labor laws.

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